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Skilled Assistance For Premises Liability Victims

For more than 40 years here in Charleston, our firm's attorneys have helped people who are injured due to another person or party's negligence. At Riesen DuRant LLC, we do this work because we care about making sure the people of our community are happy and healthy.

How Does A Premises Liability Case Work?

In the case of premises liability, we will work with you to establish whether a property owner is potentially at fault for allowing the accident to happen. Whether it's a slip and fall, trip and fall or a more catastrophic injury, there are legal conditions which must be met in order to file suit against the property owner.

Many of these cases rely on being able to prove that the owner of a property or employee:

  1. Caused the potential hazard (e.g., torn carpet, spilled liquid, slippery surface)
  2. Knew about the potential hazard but failed to do anything to repair or remedy the situation
  3. Could reasonably foresee the situation as potentially dangerous

As South Carolina injury lawyers, we understand how delicate these matters can be. You can depend on our firm's professional and courteous treatment of your case.

Free Consultations Are Available

If you or a family member has sustained an injury as a result of a property owner's thoughtlessness and inaction, please call us at our Mount Pleasant office to discuss how we can help: 843-800-2473 or email us to find out how we can help. We look forward to meeting you.