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Best defense options to avoid DUI conviction in South Carolina

Nothing can ruin a fun evening out with friends more than seeing flashing lights in your rear view mirror and realizing that a police officer is pulling you over in a traffic stop. If you roll down your window and the officer asks if you'd mind stepping out of your car, it's a real game changer because this often means he or she suspects you of drunk driving. The old cliche that prosecutors can use everything you say and do against you in court may just be true.

That's why it is crucial to know your rights ahead of time and how to quickly access support when you need it. While it's never a good idea to act aggressively, try to flee or directly oppose a police officer who is making a lawful request, you are not required to answer any questions beyond those pertaining to your identification or that of your vehicle. In fact, if you wind up facing DUI charges, it doesn't necessarily mean the court will hand down a conviction.

Signs that the driver near you may be placing your life at risk

There's nothing worse than being on a South Carolina roadway heavily laden with fast-moving traffic when suddenly a car comes dangerously close to you that appears to be moving in erratic patterns. Such stressful driving situations can make your heart feel like it has skipped a beat, and even if you are alert and as cautious as possible behind the wheel, you can't control another motorist's actions. Drunk and/or distracted drivers put your life and others at risk.

If you know the signs of drunk driving ahead of time, you can keep a careful lookout for potential dangers on the road. Police officers receive extensive training in spotting drunk drivers, but really, anyone can learn what to watch for to increase the chances of avoiding collision.

New report on bicycle accidents reveals surprising statistics

If you ever needed a compelling argument for why it's crucial to wear a helmet, there is a new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association that may convince you. The report identifies some key differences in cycling accidents and injuries, especially those where motor vehicles are involved. The data may surprise you.

The GHSA report, which analyzes data from 1975-2015, notes one major finding: while bicyclist fatalities on U.S. roadways hit an all-time low in 2010, they are now on the rise again, accounting for at least 2% of all roadway fatalities.

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