Passengers and emotions can easily affect driving ability

Distractions are issues that all people must deal with throughout their daily lives. Whether your kids are vying for your attention while you try to get some much needed errands completed or you are unable to focus on your work while in the office, you likely find yourself having to remain disciplined to make sure that you do not let distractions ruin your productivity.

This discipline may prove immensely useful when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Any number of activities inside or outside the car could easily result in a driver taking his or her mind off the task of driving, putting others at risk. By staying alert and aware of possible distractions, you may help yourself as a driver.

Who's in your vehicle?

You likely drive other people around on a regular basis. If you have kids, you undoubtedly have to drive them to school, sporting events or take them along when you run errands. While any passengers can prove distracting to you as the driver, reports show that kids are four times more distracting than adult passengers.

If you have a dog, you may also like taking your pooch out to the local park or maybe just for a ride. However, your dog can easily distract you from driving, especially if it does not remain properly restrained. You may also want to occasionally hand your dog a treat or pet it, but these actions take both your hand and mind off the task of driving safely.

How are you feeling?

You have likely experienced situations in which strong emotions make it difficult for you to concentrate on a particular task. Whether you feel immensely happy, overwhelmed with sadness or consumed with anger, any of these and other feelings can impact the way you drive. In fact, driving while visibly angry or sad gives you a 10 times higher chance of ending up in an accident.

Even feeling happy and energized by your favorite song playing in the car can distract you. Your driving abilities could diminish if you listen to certain genres like rock or listen at high volumes.

Have you been injured?

You are not the only driver to occasionally succumb to distractions, and you certainly do your best to keep those distractions at a minimum. Unfortunately, you may still end up seriously injured in a crash caused by another driver who was texting or otherwise distracted. If so, you may have reason to file a personal injury claim in hopes of pursuing compensation for resulting damages.

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